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The Nakshatras of Vedic Astrology:
Ancient & Contemporary Usage

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The Nakshatras: The Lunar Mansions of Vedic Astrology - Continued

25. Purva Bhadrapada: The Burning Pair (Aquarius 20 00’ to Pisces 03 20’)

The symbols for this unique nakshatra are a sword, the first two legs of a funeral cot, and a two faced man. The sword represents the ability to cut through negativity to get to the truth. The two faced man indicates the ability to see both sides of an issue. The deity is Aja Ekapada, a one-footed goat that is the vehicle for the fiery god, Agni. The shakti is “the power to raise a spiritual person up in life”. This nakshatra is ruled by the benefic Jupiter, which reflects the high idealism of this asterism. Martin Luther King had his natal Moon in this lunar mansion. These natives are often successful in the business world due to their manushya, or human temperament, with a primary motivation toward artha, or prosperity.

Purva Bhadra Career Interests:

Administrative planners, business skills.
Research skills, statisticians.
Priests, ascetics, utopian visionaries.
Astrologers, occultists, tantrics, black magicians.
Hospice work, geriatrics, nursing.

Purva Bhadrapada is associated with two stars, Markab and Scheat, located in the body of Pegasus, the Winged Horse.

26. Uttara Bhadrapada: The Warrior Star (Pisces 03 20’ to 16 40’)

The symbols for Uttara Bhadrapada are the last two legs of a funeral cot, or twins. Bhradrapada translates as the “scorching” or “burning pair” related to the twin nakshatras of Purva and Uttara Bhadrapada. A woman born with Uttara Bhadrapada as her birth star is considered blessed by the goddess Lakshmi, and is considered “the gem of her family”. The animal symbol is the sacred female cow of India. The deity is Ahir Budhnya, the Serpent of the Deep Sea, and part of Lord Shiva’s army which reflects the warrior nature of this lunar mansion. Uttara Bhadrapada has a human, or manushya temperament with a primary motivation of kama, or healthy pleasures. The ruling planet, Saturn, provides great depth and spiritual discipline. The shakti is “the bringing of the cosmic rain”.

Uttara Bhadrapada Career Interests:

Charitable work, non-profit organizations.
Import and exports, travel industry.
Religious work, priests, saints, astrologers, mystics.
Writers, philosophers, teachers, researchers.

Uttara Bhadrapada is associated with the stars Pegasi and Andromedae which complete the square of the constellation of Pegasus.

27. Revati: The Wealthy (Pisces 16 40’ to 30 00’)

The symbols for Revati are a fish and a drum. The fish is a symbol of deep spirituality as well as the twelfth sign of Pisces. The drum is a marker of time reflecting the final lunar mansion according to the constellations. This auspicious nakshatra has a deva temperament with a primary motivation of moksha, or spiritual enlightenment. The deity is Pushan, the nurturer and protector of travelers and animals. Revati is ruled by the intellectual planet Mercury, residing in a constellation ruled by benefic Jupiter. The animal symbol is a female elephant. The shakti is “the power of nourishment symbolized by milk”. Revati is one of the most benefic nakshatras for spiritual growth and development of psychic abilities.

Revati Career Interests:

Psychics, mystical or religious work.
Humanitarian projects, charitable activities.
Veterinarian, animal trainers.
Urban planners, government positions, social work.
Film actors, comedians, performers.
Journalists, editors, publishers.
Travel agents, flight attendants.

Revati is formed by thirty-two faint stars at the tail of the Fish constellation.

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